11 Best Deep Sea Fishing Destinations & Sites in the World

Fishing at the famous deep sea fishing destination.

Where in the world would you go deep-sea fishing? This question is easy to answer as the world has many oceans. Asia, Europe, Africa, and the Americas, are endowed with fishing sites. 

One of the things you must understand when you set sail is to study which part of the world has myriads of fish species. Are you after the biggest fish? The tricky part of finding where to do deep-sea fishing is the expenses you incur during your stay. 

Is the site worthy of flying? Are you familiar with the ocean and weather conditions? These are things you may consider when choosing the location for deep-sea fishing. 

Take a sneak peek at our list of the world’s best deep-sea fishing sites.

1) Bermuda

Expect to catch big fish in Bermuda if you go deep-sea fishing on this side of the world. The ocean in Bermuda is teeming with underwater features. It is a haven for fish species like dorado, great wahoo, blue marlin, white marlin, yellowfin tuna, black-fin tuna, and rainbow runner. 

Go offshore fishing by taking a chartered fishing boat to Bermuda. This country landed in the big-game fisherman’s playbook list as one of the best deep-sea fishing sites several decades ago.

2) San Diego, California

San Diego takes pride in its title as one of the world’s best sports fishing sites and is home to the largest fleet of sports fishing boats. 

The charter boats offer full-day, multi-day, and half-day trips that would last several weeks to catch big fish. A day trip will take you to the Coronado Islands in Mexico. 

Early summer is an ideal time for deep sea fishing in San Diego. Tuna, dorado, and yellowtail are abundant during this time as the fish travels from the Mexican waters to San Diego.

3) Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Aside from its famous Arch of Cabo San Lucas, Cabo is known worldwide for its deep-sea fishing. Cabo San Lucas is at the tip of Baja, California. This position allows big game fish to swarm from the Pacific Ocean, Sea of Cortez, and the Gulf of California. 

It is no wonder why deep-sea enthusiasts flock to Cabo and fish throughout the year. But the ideal time to fish for marlin is from October to November. If you aim for dorado, sails, and wahoo, May and July are the best time to do deep-sea fishing. Friendly crews of charter boats are ready to assist you if you drop by at Cabo San Lucas.

4) Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Sports anglers will have much fun when they engage in deep-sea fishing in Cape Cod. Rent a boat to take you to the east towards the Atlantic Ocean and catch Bluefin tuna during your trip?

Bluefish and striped bass are abundant and will fill your boat if you go on a sixteen-hour trip. Sports anglers will enjoy much time when deep fishing in Cape Cod, known as a spring-to-fall fishing destination. 

Cape Cod has many fish varieties, such as bonito, bluefin tuna, bluefish, striped bass, false albacore, fluke, flounder, and tautog. Cape Canal is one of its fishing spots aside from its shoals, saltwater creeks, and harbors where fish feeding occurs. 

5) Phuket, Thailand

Phuket is Asia’s pride when it comes to deep-sea fishing. This scenic island is a haven for exotic game fish species. When fishing in Phuket, expect to fill your boat with marlin, wahoo, Giant Trevally, yellowfin tuna, mahi-mahi, queenfish, and billfish. 

Deep-sea fishing in Phuket allows anglers to catch the fish and return to the ocean after taking a photo of their catch. If you don’t follow their catch-and-release rule, think otherwise. The purpose of this rule is to maintain their fish population.

6) Galveston, Texas

Deep-sea fishing in Galveston is an experience you will never regret. Galveston is the best jump-off point when you go offshore fishing. It has a variety of fish species when you go for a day trip. 

Catch the fish in the bay and jetties when there is bad weather. A twelve-hour trip will take you to the Gulf of Mexico. Load your boat with grouper, common ling, and snapper for a sumptuous meal.

7) Bimini, Bahamas

Enjoy year-round deep-sea fishing in Bimini and catch black grouper, yellowtail, and mutton snapper. Bimini is a perfect fishing destination for anglers who prefer to fish near the states. Winter is an ideal time to catch wahoo and mackerel. Bimini has earned the title of the world’s sportfishing capital.

This deep-sea fishing spot is famous for its beautiful ocean sights and also the large game fishes you can catch in the surrounding waters.

8) Florida Keys

The Florida Keys is positioned just above the famous Florida Reef. Fishing in the Florida Keys is not just a hobby; it is a big industry. The reef is home to year-long summer and tropical islands. 

Deep-sea fishing on the island is a must for anglers because of the abundance of fish species. Billfish, tuna, mahi-mahi, snapper, grouper, swordfish, marlin, and wahoo are some fish varieties that every angler’s dream catches.

9) Outer Banks, North Carolina

Outer Banks does not need further introduction. Game fish are everywhere in the Outer Banks, such as sailfish, blue and white marlin, blackfin tuna, yellowfin, Bluefin, amberjack, mackerel, channel bass, wahoo, bonito, cobia, and false albacore. Sharks, barracuda, and dolphins frequent this region.  

The fish love to stay in the warm water of the Outer Banks. The best time to fish in the Outer Banks is from April to June and September to November.

10) Virginia Beach, Virginia

The Eastern Seaboard meets at the Virginia Beach, making it a perfect habitat for game fish. Fish from Maine and the Atlantic Ocean frequent the beach to meet with local fish. Cobia and Redfish converge on the beach with stripers and tautog. A boat charter will take you from the Rudee Inlet to the Norfolk Canyon to catch marlin, tuna, and billfish.

11) Nova Scotia, Canada

Nova Scotia has 7,600 kilometers of saltwater coastlines, 100 rivers, and over 6,700 lakes. The surroundings of Nova Scotia attract fish to stay in the peninsula, such as the Atlantic Ocean, bays, and estuaries. 

If you are targeting bluefins, Nova Scotia has it all. Nova Scotia is known for holding the world record for catching the giant Bluefin tuna weighing 1,496 pounds! 

If you take a charter boat in Nova Scotia, you need to shell out extra dollars. The cost of the trip is worth your dollars because you do not have to go far to catch a fish. Bluefins are abundant in August until the middle of October. 

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