Best Walleye Lures for Trolling

Walleye trolling in the lake.

Trolling describes the act of pulling lures behind a slowly moving boat. While this sounds relatively straightforward, there’s a lot of technique and strategy to it.  One is choosing the right lure, especially if you’re fishing walleyes. Using the right lure and combining it with the proper presentation and optimum trolling speed can mean the … Read more

Where to Cast Surf Fishing

Fishermen put their fishing rods on the beach for surf fishing.

Many surf anglers find it hard to find the best places to cast when beach fishing. Hobbyists do not care if they spend grueling hours casting the line several meters away.  However, a long-distance cast does not guarantee success. Most fish species hide in holes, troughs, and jetties along the beach. Familiarity with the habitat … Read more