Best Time to Fish in Costa Rica

Beach at Costa Rica.

If you’ve been on the angling scene for a while, you’d probably know that an impressive percentage of IGFA world records have come out of Costa Rica. Furthermore, if the Central American country is one of your must-visit destinations for angling, you’re not alone. However, if you’re like most anglers, you’re likely also wondering if … Read more

Best Fly Fishing Trips for Beginners

Finding the top fly fishing destinations.

Fly fishing is an exciting method of catching fish, where you use an artificial fly to lure the fish. It needs constant practice to perfect your casting because this angling method requires techniques. Anglers cast a lightweight lure with a reel, fly rod, and weighted line.  Casting the line varies depending on the habitat, such … Read more

Captree Fishing Guide & Report

Fishing charter at Captree fishing spots.

Taking a side trip from New York to Captree is always a traveler’s itinerary. Captree provides relief from the daily grind in the Big Apple. This island is a census-designated place located in the township of Babylon and Islip in Suffolk County. The Great South Bay, Jones Beach Island, and Fire Island surround the island.  … Read more

Cache la Poudre River Fishing Guide & Report

Cache la Poudre River from mountain view

Cache la Poudre River is a French derivative meaning “hide the powder.” The river got its name during an incident that occurred in the 1820s.  The story began when a group of French trappers was caught in bad weather while going to the Green. To escape the ravaging snowstorm, they hid their gunpowder or Cache … Read more

Lake Berryessa: Fishing Report and Guide

Scene of fishing in the Lake Berryessa.

If you live in Sacramento or San Francisco and want to try your hand at the lake fishing, you can check out Lake Berryessa. It is located around 120 km from San Francisco and 63.9 km from Sacramento. It is an artificial lake, yet it has quickly become a popular fishing location.  The waters of … Read more

Outer Banks Surf Fishing Species

View of the along the coastline beach of Outer Banks at Carolina

Casting a line in North Carolina’s Outer Banks is worth your effort if you are craving a fresh catch. The Outer Banks surf fishing could take over 100 miles without a cost. Live bait and a surf rod or rod holder are the basics when surf fishing. There is unlimited fishing opportunity awaits you at … Read more

Lake Pleasant Fishing Guide

Great fishing destination at Lake Pleasant in Phoenix, Arizona.

If you live in Phoenix, Arizona, and would like to try fishing, you can visit Lake Pleasant, an hour’s drive from that city. It is an artificial lake built in 1927 on the Agua Fria River. A deep lake channel characterizes it with various coves and fertile river arms. This lake is situated between the … Read more