What Do Largemouth Bass Eat?

Adult largemouth bass is eating its prey.

The largemouth bass is a fish native to northern Mexico, southeastern Canada, and the central United States. This freshwater game fish is a favorite fish to catch because of its wide distribution worldwide.  This fish goes with various local names depending on where it thrives. Some people call it Potter’s Fish, largies, Florida largemouth, bucket … Read more

When Do Largemouth Bass Spawn?

Fishing largemouth bass during the spawning season.

The spawning period of the largemouth bass can be an exciting and enjoyable time for anglers. First, it can be the perfect period to capitalize on snagging bass as their movements become more predictable. More importantly, it also ensures that the bass supply continues in your favorite waters. However, your getting the most out of … Read more

When Do Catfish Spawn?

A angler catches a spawn catfish during the catfish spawning season.

One of the most popular fish in the United States is the catfish, and you can find it anywhere in almost every state. Catfish are so widespread that you can find 49 catfish species in North America alone, and they live exclusively in freshwater. Catfish also have delectable meat, which you can use for various … Read more

Best Baits for Northern Pike

Northern Pike hooked on the bait in the river.

Are you spending time trying to figure out the best bait for northern pike? The same happened to me when I was just learning the rudiments of fishing. So, if you’re like me back then, you might as well read on to know the best baits you should choose to catch this ferocious predator. The … Read more

When Do Catfish Start Biting?

Catfish bite on the hook.

Catfish is a popular target in surf fishing because of its savory taste. The fish falls into your trap any time of the day, but there are the best times to catch them. Catfish start biting when it touches the bait.  Catching giant catfish also depends on the weather, season of the year, and time … Read more

Where Do Largemouth Bass Live?

The area of underwater where bass fish live.

Largemouth love to seek protective covers like rock ledges, logs, artificial structures, and vegetation. They seek the clear, quiet, and still water, though they can readily adapt and thrive in other types of habitats. So, if you’re a tyro in fishing for largemouth bass, you might as well read on to learn more about largemouth … Read more