What is a Senko Worm?

Different colors of Senko worms for fishing.

Sometime around the end of 2017, I was just a struggling angler, trying hard to learn the rudiments of fishing. I wanted to get a hand on the best lure for fishing. So, I asked a friend who had long years of fishing experience, and he told me to check out Senko worms. Since then, … Read more

How Much is a Deep Sea Fishing Trip?

Deep sea fishing on boat with trolling technique.

Recreational fishing is a travel destination that has become a trendsetter these days. It does not only give the tourist a breathtaking view of the ocean, but it is also replete with excitement and fulfillment. There’s no doubt that deep-sea fishing completes a traveler’s bucket list.   Deep-sea fishing is usually done on a charter boat … Read more