What to Wear When Fishing on a Boat?

Wearing proper clothes and gear for offshore fishing trip.

Earlier this year, a friend of mine went boat fishing for the first time, and because he was too excited about the adventure, he forgot his fishing rod. Such an embarrassing moment should not happen to you on your fishing trip. Besides, if you are desirous of making the most of your boat fishing adventure, … Read more

What is a Senko Worm?

Different colors of Senko worms for fishing.

Sometime around the end of 2017, I was just a struggling angler, trying hard to learn the rudiments of fishing. I wanted to get a hand on the best lure for fishing. So, I asked a friend who had long years of fishing experience, and he told me to check out Senko worms. Since then, … Read more

Can You Catch Catfish During the Day?

Catching catfish during the daytime.

If you had already tried fishing in the past, you would understand that fishing is not just a skill but an art. Though you need to learn the rudiments of fishing to develop fishing skills, you still need to hone your fishing skills to raise it to the level of an art. One way to … Read more

How Much is a Deep Sea Fishing Trip?

Deep sea fishing on boat with trolling technique.

Recreational fishing is a travel destination that has become a trendsetter these days. It does not only give the tourist a breathtaking view of the ocean, but it is also replete with excitement and fulfillment. There’s no doubt that deep-sea fishing completes a traveler’s bucket list.   Deep-sea fishing is usually done on a charter boat … Read more