What to Wear Fishing in Cold Weather

Wearing jacket for a cold weather fishing trip.

As an avid angler, you’ve probably been out on the water in all types of weather. But, how do you prevent your love for fishing from coming at the expense of your health, especially when it’s cold? Fishing in cold temperatures presents a unique challenge and can be very rewarding. However, it is crucial you … Read more

What Percent of Catch and Release Fish Die?

Angler releasing the hooked fish back to the water.

Catch and release is a recreational fishing practice wherein a captured fish is released back into the waters, often after a quick weighing and measuring of the fish has been made. It has been practiced for over a century in the United Kingdom by coarse fishermen to preserve the population of specific fish species in … Read more

Best Portable Fish Finders for Kayak

Use fish finder device when fishing on kayak.

Fishing and kayaking are two of the most enjoyable outdoor activities you can engage in to break the monotony of your daily life. You can combine both activities naturally because both activities are outdoor water activities. Besides, catching fish while kayaking is as easy as boating while fishing. Yet, if you want to increase the … Read more

Is Overcast Good for Fishing?

Fishing during the cloudy day.

As anglers, we’re more or less subject to the whims and fancies of the weather. In other words, we don’t get to pick what the weather does when we’re out on the water trying to get fish to bite. So, what happens when we’re out fishing, and it becomes cloudy? Will overcast skies prevent fish … Read more

Do Fish Bite at Night?

Angler prepare to fish at night time.

Has it ever gotten dark when you were still in full swing of fishing and were wondering if you could keep going? Well, the good news is you can, as long as it’s legal in your state. Yes, we said it. Most fish will bite even when it’s dark or at night. While some fish … Read more

Best Time To Go Deep Sea Fishing

Most suitable season to go for deep sea offshore fishing.

Most anglers will agree that deep sea fishing offers exciting adventures and a lot of satisfaction on very productive days.  However, if you try fishing in the deep sea during the wrong season, it can also be very disappointing. This is because less-than-ideal weather conditions can negatively impact fish behavior and make catching them an … Read more

Do Catfish Bite in the Rain?

Catfishing in the rain

According to many testimonies of anglers, fishing for catfish during rains improves the chances of impressive catches. However, it’s more than hearsay.  There is no doubt that catfish will bite at any time of the day or night, regardless of the season. However, many anglers believe that these fish are more likely to bite when … Read more

Are Fish Attracted to Light at Night?

Use underwater green glow light to attract fish.

Right off the bat, the answer is yes. Incorporating artificial lights when you can fish at night can significantly improve the chances of getting fish to bite your bait. You see, some fish possess physiological wiring that attracts them to light (much like moths to a flame). So, by creating a light source in the … Read more

Best Baits for Bass in Summer

Learn how to catch bass during summer.

Summertime is the season right after the springtime spawning of bass. As such, bass are no longer solely dwelling in the deep waters during summer. Instead, they are already grouping up and marauding offshore searching for quiet spots to forage for food.  One of the best ways to improve your chance of catching your targeted … Read more