Best Fly Fishing Trips for Beginners

Finding the top fly fishing destinations.

Fly fishing is an exciting method of catching fish, where you use an artificial fly to lure the fish. It needs constant practice to perfect your casting because this angling method requires techniques. Anglers cast a lightweight lure with a reel, fly rod, and weighted line. 

Casting the line varies depending on the habitat, such as ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, estuaries, oceans, and bays. The fish cling to the artificial fly that looks like baitfish and organisms. 

You do not need to rent a boat to fly fishing because you can do it in salt water or fresh water. Before heading to the lake, you know where to fish and the technique to apply. 

Check our list of best fly fishing locations and trips for novice fly fishers. 

The Rocky Mountains of Colorado

Colorado is the number one best place to fly fish in the USA. The state has numerous bodies of water to fish, such as the Eagle River, South Platte River, Colorado River, Yampa River, and Gunnison River. Fish are abundant in these rivers, so get ready with your fishing gear. 

If you find no challenge in fly fishing in the river, you can go trekking to the Rocky Mountains. Colorado boasts of its picturesque Rocky Mountains, which are ideal for a fly fishing trip. Lakes surround the mountains. You’ll get rewarded with large cutthroat trout traversing the shallow waters.

Nushagak River, Alaska

The Nushagak River lies in southwest Alaska. The headwater comes from the Alaska Range and flows towards Nushagak Bay. King Salmon River and Nuyakuk River are navigable tributaries. They are home to trouts and Chinook salmon. These rivers provide a great fly fishing experience for anglers and newbies.

Alagnak River, Alaska

The activity in Alagnak River begins from the Kukaklek Lake in the Katmai National Park and flows into the Bristol Bay. The headwater is in the Aleutian Range, with six miles of slow-moving water passing through the tundra. The water from the Nonvianuk River flows about 20 miles into the Alagnak River. 

The river branches into different streams of water, making it an ideal ground for fly fishing. Aside from fly fishing, you can take a float fishing trip to stay on the river for five to six days. There are lodging houses near the river for an overnight stay if you wish to spend a whole day trip.

White River, Arkansas

White River covers 722 miles that flow through Arkansas and Missouri. The river flows northwards through the south of Missouri and returns to Arkansas. It flows southeast towards the estuary at the Mississippi River. The water source emanates from the Boston Mountains in northwest Arkansas. 

If you are a beginner at fly fishing, the White River is just for you. It has a large cutthroat, brook trout, brown, and rainbow population. Trouts inhabit the upper part of the river from the tail waters of Beaver Lake in Arkansas through the south of Missouri and Lake Taneycomo. White River is one of America’s best trout fisheries. Adventure guide services offer you the best fly fishing experience in the area.

Muskegon River, Michigan

Muskegon River lies in the western part of Michigan. The headwater begins from Houghton Lake and flows out of the North Bay towards Missaukee County. The water passes through five counties towards the estuary at Muskegon before it finally drops to Muskegon Lake. 

The river is an ideal fly fishing spot because of the fish breeds that inhabit the calm waters all year long. For your memorable fly fishing experience, you can extend your vacation by staying at the inn nearby.

Glenwood Springs, Colorado

Glenwood Springs in Colorado offers world-class fly fishing spots. The area is easy to access. You can fish throughout the year along its rivers. High alpine lakes and small streams are home to cutthroats, rainbow trout, browns, and brookies. Seasoned fly fishers claim that the best time to fish in Glenwood Springs is spring until the fall season. Winter is ideal for casting away hatcheries. 

Henrys Fork, Idaho

Locals call Henrys Fork the North Fork of the Snake River. It earns this moniker because it is a tributary of the Snake River. Trout Unlimited named it one of America’s top 100 streams, home to fish species. The drainage basin and the Teton River have 3,212 square miles. 

Novice and seasoned fly fishers can hire guided tours to take them to the river. Fish move up from the lower section of Henrys Fork when a high volume of water comes from the lake into the stream. It happens during the summer when there is a decrease in draw-downs.  

East Branch of the Delaware River

The East Branch of the Delaware River is an ideal fly fishing spot for trout. This side of the river covers 121 kilometers that flow through New York. The water ends through the southwestern portion of Catskill Park of New York and flows to the West Branch on the border of Pennsylvania. 

The East Branch is home to wild rainbows, brookies, brown trout, and stocked browns. Be careful when fly fishing as some portions of East Branch traverse private property. Large fish catch depends on the water current and season of the year.

Venice, Louisiana

No place can equal Venice, Louisiana when flying to fishing destinations. This place offers a world-class fishing spot for wahoo, mahi-mahi, swordfish, blue marlin, and yellowfin tuna. The best time and season to fly fishing in Venice depends on the fish species. 

The peak season for tarpons is July to September, while redfish is in season from December until February. Groupers are in season from October until February. Get help from a guided tour to enjoy Venice’s best fly fishing adventure.

Potter County, Pennsylvania

There is ample space for fly fishing in Potter County. It has numerous streams where trouts and browns seek refuge. These places to launch your fly fishing escapade include the Rainbow Paradise Fishing Park, Lyman Run State Park, Cowanesque Lake, Kettle Creek State Park, and Parker Dam State Park. 

Guide tour adventure service offers an all-inclusive trip to the county. They provide short rods for dry fly fishing native brook trouts. A guided tour is essential when it is your first time going fly fishing. 

If you get tired, stay at The Lodge at Glendorn. This luxury lodge nestles on a 1,500-acre lot. Fly fishing at Fuller Brook will complete your vacation. The stream has a large population of rainbows, brookies, brown trout, and native brook trout.

Florida Keys, Florida

Tropical islands occupy the Florida Keys stretching 120 miles from the southern end of Florida. It is the best fly fishing destination because of its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. 

The Florida Keys is home to bonefish, permit, mutton snapper, hogfish, blackfin tuna, gray snapper, bonefish, redfish, tarpon, and snook. Take a rest at the luxurious hotels and resorts nearby. There are also affordable inns, lodges, and apartments close to the Florida Keys. Guided trips take charge of your fishing adventure.

Safety Measures When Fish Flying

Fly fishing requires practice before heading to the lakes, rivers, and streams. It is a fishing method that gives pleasure to anglers and beginners. Catching the fish involves rhythmic casts using an artificial fly. If you are interested in fly fishing, it pays to know some helpful tips for your success. 

  • Learn the primary fly cast. Point down the rod tip and lay the line on the water in your front. Slowly accelerate to position the rod tip at your back. Pause and accelerate forward and cast the line. 
  • Learn safety measures. Protect yourself from an accident by wearing a snug belt or wading belt. 
  • Feel the water and always be on the alert when the current changes. 
  • Don’t fish when there is a thunderstorm and lightning. Water conducts electricity. 
  • Be kind to the fish by using a barbless hook. The pain is lesser when the fish get hooked unintentionally.
  • Study the local fishing regulations. 
  • Load your bag with sunscreen, food supplies, and clean water. 
  • Bring emergency medicines and a kit. 
  • Carry a water bottle with a filter and water-purifying tablets for emergency. 
  • Place your electronic gadget in a waterproof case before you fish fly. 
  • Wear a hat with a wide brim and polarized sunglasses to protect your eyes from sun glare. 
  • Women should wear tampons when they go fishing instead of sanitary napkins. 

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