Where to Cast Surf Fishing

Fishermen put their fishing rods on the beach for surf fishing.

Many surf anglers find it hard to find the best places to cast when beach fishing. Hobbyists do not care if they spend grueling hours casting the line several meters away.  However, a long-distance cast does not guarantee success. Most fish species hide in holes, troughs, and jetties along the beach. Familiarity with the habitat … Read more

Lake Pleasant Fishing Guide

Great fishing destination at Lake Pleasant in Phoenix, Arizona.

If you live in Phoenix, Arizona, and would like to try fishing, you can visit Lake Pleasant, an hour’s drive from that city. It is an artificial lake built in 1927 on the Agua Fria River. A deep lake channel characterizes it with various coves and fertile river arms. This lake is situated between the … Read more

Best Seasons & Time to Fish in Jacksonville, Florida

Jacksonville fishing season.

Amid the rhythmic monotony of your daily life, you surely need to sit back and relax and find a way to escape this self-imposed boredom. Of course, overcoming this monotony might be difficult. Nevertheless, there are many ways to make your lives exciting, and if you live in Florida, you can check out Jacksonville fishing … Read more