Do Catfish Bite in the Rain?

Catfishing in the rain

According to many testimonies of anglers, fishing for catfish during rains improves the chances of impressive catches. However, it’s more than hearsay.  There is no doubt that catfish will bite at any time of the day or night, regardless of the season. However, many anglers believe that these fish are more likely to bite when … Read more

Are Fish Attracted to Light at Night?

Use underwater green glow light to attract fish.

Right off the bat, the answer is yes. Incorporating artificial lights when you can fish at night can significantly improve the chances of getting fish to bite your bait. You see, some fish possess physiological wiring that attracts them to light (much like moths to a flame). So, by creating a light source in the … Read more

Best Baits for Bass in Summer

Learn how to catch bass during summer.

Summertime is the season right after the springtime spawning of bass. As such, bass are no longer solely dwelling in the deep waters during summer. Instead, they are already grouping up and marauding offshore searching for quiet spots to forage for food.  One of the best ways to improve your chance of catching your targeted … Read more

When Do Largemouth Bass Spawn?

Fishing largemouth bass during the spawning season.

The spawning period of the largemouth bass can be an exciting and enjoyable time for anglers. First, it can be the perfect period to capitalize on snagging bass as their movements become more predictable. More importantly, it also ensures that the bass supply continues in your favorite waters. However, your getting the most out of … Read more

Best Walleye Lures for Trolling

Walleye trolling in the lake.

Trolling describes the act of pulling lures behind a slowly moving boat. While this sounds relatively straightforward, there’s a lot of technique and strategy to it.  One is choosing the right lure, especially if you’re fishing walleyes. Using the right lure and combining it with the proper presentation and optimum trolling speed can mean the … Read more

Captree Fishing Guide & Report

Fishing charter at Captree fishing spots.

Taking a side trip from New York to Captree is always a traveler’s itinerary. Captree provides relief from the daily grind in the Big Apple. This island is a census-designated place located in the township of Babylon and Islip in Suffolk County. The Great South Bay, Jones Beach Island, and Fire Island surround the island.  … Read more

How to Catch Catfish from the Bank During Winter?

Catch catfish at lake bank in winter.

Earlier this year, I decided to try my hand at winter fishing for catfish for a change. So, I started researching catfish behavior during winter to do it right the first time. This research netted me some good ideas and strategies for catching catfish during winter. Thus, I applied them during my last winter fishing, … Read more

When Do Catfish Spawn?

A angler catches a spawn catfish during the catfish spawning season.

One of the most popular fish in the United States is the catfish, and you can find it anywhere in almost every state. Catfish are so widespread that you can find 49 catfish species in North America alone, and they live exclusively in freshwater. Catfish also have delectable meat, which you can use for various … Read more

What to Wear When Fishing on a Boat?

Wearing proper clothes and gear for offshore fishing trip.

Earlier this year, a friend of mine went boat fishing for the first time, and because he was too excited about the adventure, he forgot his fishing rod. Such an embarrassing moment should not happen to you on your fishing trip. Besides, if you are desirous of making the most of your boat fishing adventure, … Read more

Best Baits for Northern Pike

Northern Pike hooked on the bait in the river.

Are you spending time trying to figure out the best bait for northern pike? The same happened to me when I was just learning the rudiments of fishing. So, if you’re like me back then, you might as well read on to know the best baits you should choose to catch this ferocious predator. The … Read more